An efficient and time saving Log analysis tool for your Salesforce Org.

What is LogMachine?

This plugin is for Salesforce debug log, it will help in analyzing the log efficiently by highlighting key important sections in the log and also giving help tips to avoid error.

Designed for developers

The Plugin is Designed specially keeping Developers in mind, with the current state Salesforce Debug Log its difficult to readout the content and find out meaningful content out of it. This Plugin makes the content visible by changing the content color and font styling, also with the dark blue background in place the Log Context is easily readable.

Time saver

With the Log Contents highlighted in different indexing colors, its very easy to find what you are looking for. For example for User_Debugs the contents are highlighted with White Background. The Method Entry is now Clickable, simply click on the Method Entry and it opens the class in new Tab Highlighting the Method.


Its developed keeping in mind the Color combination that suits the most for a Debug Context, like RED for Errors, WHITE for User Debugs, BLUE for Variable Assignments. The UX is designed keeping in mind the some of the most loved open source IDEs.


The Color Pallete is the Color Index which lets it easy to identify the color which represents a specific Log Context.
The Method Entry in the Log is Clickable, you can lick on the Method Name and the Apex Class opens in a new Tab with the Method Reference Highlited.
The Log Summary is Highlited in GREEN (for Success) and RED (for Failure) to easily distinguish. You don't need to read the Status Message every time a new Log is created.

Get Started

Step 1

Click on the Link or navigate to Chrome Webstore and type LogMachine in the Search Store Box to search for the Plugin.

Step 2

The Plugin appears in the left hand side of the Search Result Click on Add to Chrome Button to Download it to your browser. Click Accept if a Popup appears for approval.

Step 3

After the installation is complete, login to your Salesforce Org and Search for Debug Log in the Quick Search, open the Debug Log.

Step 4

You can now see for yourself the the Log Summary looks more vibrant and informative now, when you dig in to see the detailed log you can see the key context of the Log being highlighted and is more readable now.


I hope you find this Plugin useful.
Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.

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